Need to know & fun FAQs

FAQ: 1

All three of our areas in The Prawnster venue are open-air dining and separated by water. All areas remain dry during a shower as we have roll down blinds in case of inclement weather.

WHAT YOU CAN BRING: Yes, you can bring bread and side salads, even a birthday cake! If you do, you’ll want to bring disposable plates too (even better there’s no surcharge or cakage fees!).

WHAT WE PROVIDE: We provide the super fresh seafood platters of your choice, cutlery, napkins, sauces, soft drinks, wine/bubbly and beer. We’re a quintessential Brisbane seafood experience, casual and open air dining. (In case you missed it, BYO alcohol concluded early 2022)

We’re about you joining us on the back of our trawler for a feed of fresh seafood! So there’s no white table cloths and silverware, we provide finger bowls as you don’t need plates, it’s the perfect finger food! (see FAQ: 4 below)

Other FAQs

FAQ: 2 Where do you get your prawns?

Our prawns are ‘wild catch’ sourced by us from several high quality Queensland trawlers. Our prawns are caught by family businesses that know their trade and take care of this high quality source of protein.

FAQ: 3 Why are the prawns ‘watery’ when served?

There’s a good reason why we serve ‘wet’ prawns … we want the best possible eating prawns for our customers!

What you may see is brine (salted water) that might settle in the base of the prawn platters we serve. We’ve been asked a couple of times about it because most consumers are used to purchasing ‘dry’ prawns from retailers, retailers use refrigeration which extracts moisture from products while keeping them chilled (hint: not good for prawns).

The best and recommended way to keep prawns super fresh is in a brine at very low temperature. It’s something some wholesalers bother to do and very few (if any) retailers bother.

We keep our prawns in brine because salt water liquid can go below waters natural freezing point, the consequence is ‘watery’ prawns when served. We drain the prawns before service and ensure portion sizes exceed the customers order to account for any minor amounts of brine that may make it to the platter. We love Queensland prawns and believe our local prawns are the best in the world from the cleanest oceans, so we treat them well.

FAQ: 4 Where’s the chips and plates?

There’s a quite a few things we don’t offer, like chips and salads, even plates! (our platters are the perfect finger food).

We consistently get 5 STAR reviews for what we offer, super fresh seafood! Most often we only get lower than 5 stars because customers have an expectation for something we just don’t offer …. It’s like going to an excellent butcher and leaving a 3 star review because they don’t sell potatoes to go with your steak.

We do the fresh seafood and you can bring what you like to go with it. While some might think we’re a traditional restaurant … we’re not, we provide the fresh seafood and you’re most welcome to eat it on the back of our trawler(s) or enjoy a picnic at one of the local grassed areas, and you’re welcome to bring what you like to go with it. A few people struggle with this non-traditional approach to eating fresh seafood which is wide-spread in the Mediterranean. The overwhelming majority love The Prawnster concept because it’s fresh seafood and it’s value for money and it’s supporting local family businesses in the prawn and fishing industry.

FAQ: 5 This prawns soft (or a light colour), is it off?

Prawn varieties are an array of colours. For example the famous Mooloolaba King presents very red in colour and the deep water Kings slightly less red/pinkish in colour. Generally we’re serving either King, Tiger and Endeavor prawns. Endeavor’s are lighter colour and don’t carry the same high gloss look on their shell, they’re the ‘ugly first cousin’ … so why do we serve them? Because they’re the best tasting! (As voted by 4 out of 5 Australia chefs and prawn trawler operators).

Prawns like all shell fish, shed their shell as they grow and sometimes they may feel soft to touch as they’ve been caught after recently shedding, generally they’re separated out on the trawler but sometimes a few get through. The prawns aren’t ‘off’ they eat just as well as the others.

FAQ: 6 Why is there grey ‘flesh’ at the bottom of my sashimi salmon?

The grey ‘flesh’ is subcutaneous fat that sits between the skin and the flesh. Most salmon vendors will carve off the grey fat because of the look, in doing so they delete ALL of the precious Omega3 fat which we need in our diet and makes raw fish so healthy and good for us to eat … so we leave some of it on.